Consumer Proposals

At Become Debt Free Canada we offer our clients debt management solutions that are tailored specifically to each individuals unique financial situation, we then provide a structured program that allows our clients to fulfill their financial obligations to each of their creditors.

Sometimes after assessing your financial situation neither a Debt Management Program nor Settlement program will be a realistic option. In these cases a consumer proposal or bankruptcy may prove to be a good alternative. We work together with our partnered trustees across Ontario to make either process if necessary as easy as possible on both you, and your family.

Consumer proposals break down into two different categories depending on the total amount of debt that has been accumulated. Unlike DMP’s and Settlements, consumer proposals and bankruptcy’s require all outstanding debts, secured and unsecured to be taken into consideration. Consumer proposals are the best solution if your minimum monthly payments for all of your debts significantly outweigh your available monthly income. After a full assessment a proposal is sent to creditors as the best alternative to bankruptcy.


Bankruptcies should be avoided if at all possible as it will permanently affect your credit. If your financial situation dictates that this is the best solution for you we will gladly assist you through the bankruptcy process in conjunction with our local partnered bankruptcy trustees.

In order to determine which option will best suit your current financial situation it is recommended that you discuss everything with one of our certified debt specialists to select the best viable option.

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